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8 Costly Car Noises




Are you hearing these noises coming from your car? They don’t sound normal, do they?

They aren’t just annoying and unsettling – unusual noises coming from your car can lead to lower fuel economy and costly repairs!

Some cars, especially older ones have a tendency to make funny noises from time to time. But no one knows your car better than you! You know what a normal drive feels and sounds like…

Just like ignoring warning lights, ignoring any abnormal sounds can be dangerous. If you hear any of the following car noises, we recommend having your car serviced as soon as possible!

Costly Car Noises to be Concerned About:

1: Hissing

Car NoisesDo you hear a hissing sound after you turn off your engine? If so, the odds are pretty low that you have a bundle of rattlesnakes under your hood! It’s more than likely you have some sort of a fluid leak. When coolant or oil leaks onto a heated engine part, a hissing or sizzling sound will occur.

A leaky vacuum line can also produce a hissing noise coming from your car. Drivability and fuel-economy issues will result from either of these issues, so a maintenance trip is highly recommended.

2: Squealing Upon Acceleration

Car NoisesA squealing or chirping sound upon acceleration is usually an indication that a belt is loose or slipping in your car. A damaged serpentine belt is often the culprit. Fortunately repairing a serpentine belt is relatively easy and inexpensive. Having this issue taken care of will not only save you from its awful squealing noise, but you will also avoid more extensive, costly damage down the road.

 3: Squealing When Applying Brakes

Car NoisesThis is one of the most common car noises. Squealing while braking can happen from something as simple as dirt caught in the brake rotors, pads, or shoes… but it can also be an indication that your brake pads are worn down.

If you have been hearing squealing noises when applying your brakes, we recommend assuming the worst and having a mechanic look at them.

If you’ve continued to ignore squealing brakes, you will eventually hear grinding: one of the top car noises that will cost you. This is the last of the pad being eaten away and the metal backing plate is now clamping directly onto the brake disk. Replacing your brakes can be expensive – but not replacing them can be even worse and dangerous.

4: Grinding

Car NoisesSo we just touched upon grinding and braking… but if you hear a grinding noise while accelerating or turning, it’s likely you have a failing constant-velocity joint. A CV joint allows the front wheels of a front-wheel-drive car to receive power and turn.

Ignoring this sound is extremely dangerous. It can lead to total drive train failure.

5: Knocking

Car NoisesEngine knocking occurs when the air and fuel mixture inside of your engine’s cylinders is at an incorrect ratio. The tricky part about engine knocking is that there are more than a dozen possible reasons why it’s happening:

  • Carbon deposits on cylinder walls
  • Cooling system problems
  • Overheating exhaust valve
  • Improperly mixed fuel
  • Irregular cylinder pressure
  • Slipping fan clutch
  • Timing off
  • Low coolant level
  • Overheating
  • Incorrect spark plugs for your vehicle
  • Slipping fan clutch
  • Improper gasoline octane (this is one of the most common reasons for engine knocking)

You can actually solve some of these issues yourself, while others will need to be fixed by a mechanic. The safest way to fix engine knocking is to have a mechanic diagnose the root of the issue.

6: Roaring

Car NoisesA roaring sound that increases with acceleration is pretty hard to ignore! So we’re pretty sure that you and your neighbors will become aware of this issue pretty quickly! The first thing to check for is exhaust system damage. A faulty transmission can also result in roaring noises coming from your car.

7: Tapping or Clicking

Car NoisesA tapping in your engine compartment is typically a sign of low oil. Check your engine’s oil level, and don’t be embarrassed if you’ve let it get too low – we’ve all been there at one point or another. If your oil level is okay, then the problem could be a loss of oil pressure somewhere else in the system. It is important to have a mechanic look at your engine in this case… because if it’s not low oil pressure, it could be that your valves need adjusting or that your lifters are collapsed.

8: Clunking

Car NoisesIf you’re hearing clunking or percussive noises while driving your car, something is definitely out of order. Clunking noises are typically a sign of worn control-arm bushings, faulty stabilizer link-pins, or bad ball joints. The result is damaged, missing, or improperly mounted hardware and should be addressed immediately by a professional.


Costly Car Noises – Final Thoughts

Like we mentioned earlier, no one knows your car better than you! Irregular car noises can be anything from a pebble being lodged between your brake pad to a failing timing belt. If you take anything away from this, we hope it is that you pay attention to the sounds your car produces.

Don’t ignore them at the expense of your safety and wallet!


Are you hearing weird noises from your car? Let us help get you back on the road safely! At Jones Junction Body Shop & Collision Center, we are very experienced in diagnosing car noises. Safety is our number one priority for all of our customers and their families. So give us a call today at (443) 686-7155 to schedule an appointment!

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