Driving tips for the holidays

Safe Driving Tips for the Holidays

As we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, Jones Junction Body Shop and Collision Center wanted to share a few Holiday driving safety tips! So whether you’re planning on road tripping to grandma’s, or simply driving down the road to a friend’s house… Consider these safe-driving tips for the holidays:

Safe-Driving Tips for the Holidays

1: Map your route in advance.

As most of us rely on cellphone and GPS to get us from point A to point B, it is still very important to know how to get to your destination without such devices. Before you head out, prepare yourself for busy roads and increased travel time. If you can, consider leaving earlier to avoid heavy traffic.

2: Keep your cell phone and charger with you at all times.

We recommend buying a cell phone car charger as well! Not that you should be using your mobile device while driving, but keeping a fully charged phone is #1 in travel-safety.

3: Know what to do if you’re in an accident.

Make sure you know who to contact for roadside assistance, in case an incident occurs. And be sure to check out our previous post: How to Handle an Out of State Car Accident. There are some pretty great tips in that post!

4: Don’t leave anything of value in your car.

During the holiday season, parking lot theft increases! Amongst all of the items you should never leave in your car, high-value items and personal identification material are at the top of the list.

5: Pay attention to the weather report.

If you’re a Maryland resident, you know just how unpredictable the weather can be! Just as you check the traffic report, pay attention to snow, rain, or a heavy fog forecast.

6: Be aware of distracted drivers.

We love most things that come along with the holiday season… but the increase in drunk driving incidents is absolutely not one of them.

First, when you’re on the road this holiday season, pay attention to the other drivers on the road. If you notice a driver crossing lines or you suspect they may be under the influence, call 911.

Second, use a designated driver to ensure all guests make it home safely after a fun holiday party.

7: Ensure your vehicle is well maintained.

Regardless if you’re leasing a car, or trying to get your vehicle to 200,000 miles… keeping it properly maintained is one of our biggest safe driving tips the holidays. Before you venture out on your holiday road trip make sure to check:

  • Tire inflation and tread
  • Lights
  • Check engine light
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • Windshield wiper blade condition
  • Engine oil level

8: Schedule an oil change at Jones Junction.

If you’re looking to prepare your vehicle for the holiday season, we highly recommend scheduling an appointment to have your oil changed. Not only will this ensure your engine oil is at the proper level, but our service advisors will inspect your car to make sure it’s running smoothly for your holiday adventure!

Are you looking for a body shop in the Baltimore, MD area? Give Jones Junction Body Shop & Collision center a call today! To schedule your next appointment, call 443-686-7155 – and we wish you a very safe holiday driving season!!



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